IFS Officer Suggests Creative Way To Position The TV For ‘Mann Ki Shaanti’, Twitter Reacts


In recent times, many people have questioned the bizarre reportage that’s happening on various news channels. For instance, a journalist chased Deepika’s car in Goa while repeatedly saying, “Teen gaadiyan hai aur Deepika ki gaadi un do gaadiyon ke beech mein hai.” And, with such reporting happening on TV, individuals are losing interest in watching the news on the small screen.


Speaking of which, IFS officer Parveen Kaswan has shared a hilarious life hack to help us stop the chaos caused due to TV. The officer suggested that placing the television set facing the wall helps a lot as per Vastu Shastra, reports Times Now. He further said this change will help bring peace and happiness to our homes, minds, and lives.

The officer also said that this piece of advice was given to him by his brother who believes avoiding social media also helps to bring peace in life.

Many people lauded the ingenious idea and also asked him for other crucial life advice:


Someone even shared another creative idea for a ‘modified’ TV in order to have a peaceful life: 

For the uninitiated, Vastu shastra is a traditional Indian system of architecture that governs the scientific principles of designing a house or any building. What are your thoughts on this unique Vastu tip? Tell us!

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