“Tum Neo Nahi Ho Matrix Ke” Comedian Varun Grover Rants About Coronavirus, Watch Video

There’s a huge reason why countries are put under lockdown, people are isolating themselves and practising home quarantine. The coronavirus pandemic has led to almost everything being cancelled. As reported earlier, people should avoid shaking hands and socialising as much as possible to curb the spread of coronavirus.

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But even if you have read scores of news articles on social distancing and still feel the need to venture out of your house unnecessarily, then you should definitely listen to what stand-up comic, lyricist, and writer, Varun Grover has to say to YOU!

Varun took to social media and shared a video stressing on the importance of social distancing because ‘ye coronavirus hai, sarak ke golgappe nahi hain’.

In his rant, he went on to say that people should avoid going to public places and should stop bragging about their immunity.

People online were impressed by his sarcastic rant and also agreed that social distancing is the need of the hour:

 Here’s the full video:

Well, guys, it is indeed imperative to stay at home during this time, ‘kyunki tum Matrix k Neo nhi ho k haath uthaoge aur virus wahan ruk jaega’. So, please guys, for the sake of your and other’s safety, please take this seriously!

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