Here’s The Hindi Trailer Of Civil War With Varun Dhawan’s Voice-over As Captain America

After Priyanka Chopra’s sinister and goosebump-inducing voice-over of the snake ‘Kaa’ in the Hindi version of Jungle Book, we thought we had seen enough of Bollywood-Hollywood mashups.

But Varun Dhawan has given his fans a surprise after it came out in the news that he would be the voice of Captain America in the Hindi version of the the new movie, Civil War as shown in this video by IndiaMarvel.


Will he be as good as Chris Evans? Clearly, the Indian internet is super-excited. So let’s hope so.




And of course, Varun Dhawan is super-excited about it too

Varun Dhawan, if you’re voicing Captain America, then I am pretty much sold for Team Steve Rogers already.

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