“I Had Vada Pav In Trinidad”: Dinesh Karthik On How SRK Lifted His Spirits During Tough Times

Cricketer Dinesh Karthik recently made headlines for a sexist remark he made as a commentator in the recently concluded WTC (World Test Championship) final. The former captain of the Kolkata Knight Riders has now opened up about an incident when he was moved by a thoughtful gesture by the owner of the IPL team Karthik belonged to. 

Karthik revealed that he was once experiencing a tough time emotionally as well as in his personal life. HT reports Karthik saying that it was then that SRK attempted to lift his spirits.

“There are not many large-hearted people like him in the world right now. And the world needs more people like him. Very genuine, he looks out for you. Whatever happened in my personal life, he flew people over from Chennai to Dubai on a private jet at his own expense for me,” Karthik reportedly said to sports presenter Gaurav Kapur.

“I don’t know how many franchises would do something like that. But that for me was unbelievable, unreal. I didn’t expect it. I had never sat on a private jet in my life. But just the fact that he was able to do that for me and he just completely won my heart over. I could do anything for him, he’s a terrific human being.”

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The cricketer divulged details of how he had a great time in Trinidad with King Khan. “They flew me over to Trinidad. He was there for a couple of days. He has a team in CPL called Trinbago Knight Riders. I had a couple of meals with him,” Karthik said.

“I had a Vada pav in the streets of Trinidad. He has a massive fan following in Trinidad. Even there, he had to wear a cap. Even though I had a bad memory, there are somethings you can never forget and the time I’ve spent with him it’s fabulous,” he concludes.

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