Clothing Brand Sells ‘Vaccine-Ready’ Fashion With Off-Shoulder Tops Costing Upto ₹22k

The coronavirus pandemic brought tons of changes to our lives and many industries across the globe. Soon enough, fashion and retail also came up with luxury PPE. For instance, Louis Vuitton came up with luxury face-shields with gold studs worth Rs. 70,000, or how a Surat shop sold diamond masks for weddings worth Rs. 4 lakhs.

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And now that the world is in the vaccination stage, a fashion brand called ‘REVOLVE’ has come up with a ‘vaccine-ready’ section on their online website. It features shoulder-baring tops of all kinds- from off-shoulder and tube tops to ones that have a slit on one side, News18 reports. Check it out:

A representative of the company stated, “REVOLVE is all about being there for our customers when it comes to the important moments in their lives, and with things starting to look up with the vaccine rollout, why not look good while doing it?”

The "Vaccine Ready" section of's tops for sale.

Some people were impressed with the collection and its marketing:

Others mocked this category of garments for its bizarre concept and also for being expensive.

Among the mixed reactions of critics and admirers, the company has now taken down the ‘vaccine-ready’ section from their website. Nevertheless, what do you think of their idea? Tell us!

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