Uttarakhand Cop Risked His Life To Save Drowning Man In Haridwar, Netizens Laud His Bravery

It takes a lot of metal to be a policeman and take on the responsibility of protecting other’s lives. While we occasionally find ourselves judging the entire police lot, there are many who would unflinchingly put their lives at stake to save another’s. One such tale of a hero was reported from Haridwar.

Uttarakhand Police’s official Twitter account recently posted a video showing how a policeman risked his own life to save a man drowning in the Ganga.

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According to sources, a Haryana local named Vishal visited the Kangra Ghat to take a dip in the river water when he suddenly lost balance and slipped, thereby drifting along with the strong current of the water.

It was then when he was spotted by a Uttarakhand police official named Sunny who quickly dived into the river, swam against the gushing waters and caught hold of him. The policeman then carried him to the shore thus, saving a life.

The entire incident has been captured on camera:

As the video went viral, people from across the country have been hailing the brave policeman. Take a look!

More than courage, it takes a selfless heart to save someone’s life despite threatening circumstances. Kudos to Uttarakhand Police!

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