10 Bakwaas Gifts You’ll Definitely Receive At Your Wedding

unwanted wedding gifts cover

Imagine how cool it is to see hundreds of well-dressed people with wide smiles, waiting to get on the stage and get a picture with you? Have you been the curious kind, who always wondered what was wrapped inside those fancy sparkly papers? Don’t you want to just rip off the gift-wrapping and see what’s in it? Well, relax. There is nothing great stored in it.

Here is a list of some brain-less gifts that are equally useless to the couples. However, these gifts hold an important position in every wedding out there, since the beginning of marriage as an institution. A wedding is incomplete if couples don’t receive these gifts.

1. Digital clocks and dozens of wall clocks, one for every wall in your house

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It’s like a reminder: your time has started!


2. Idols, all kinds of religious idols

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Shaadi kar li, ab bhagwaan ko yaad karo. 😛


3. Bouquets, so your house can look like the garden of Eden

3rd flower bouquet
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Why stress on what to gift? Simply wrap some pretty looking flowers in a fancy paper.


4. Show pieces like a couple dancing in the ball, baby on the bed, candle stands etc.

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Porcelain, and then some more porcelain. Don’t you guys think the couple will do much better without a house full of porcelain?


5. Wall hangings. Either religious wall hangings or random couple dancing

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Shaadi humari ho rahi hai ya ghar ke diwaaron ki? Sab gifts ghar ke diwaaron pe latkane ke liye hi diye!


6. Crockery. The extra one that they have in their house

Image source

Keep it, you can pass it to someone as a gift for their wedding. 😉 #JustLikeWEDid


7. Pant piece, shirt piece, blouse piece. The ones that people have been passing on since 1976

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Ek shaadi se dusre shaadi mein. These cloth pieces are stuck in a non-stop vicious wedding cycle.


8. Toffee boxes and greeting cards nicely wrapped in an ethnic looking box

Image source

These toffees are packed in…

Image source

Well, don’t you think it’s a bit too early to give us the birthday gift for our future kids?


9. Plastic flower with tacky vases, that will make your house look PLASTIC!

Image source

Where is the good choice, class and creativity gone?


This one is a must, without this gift your wedding is incomplete


10. Photo frames. Yes a lot of photo frames in all shapes and sizes

Image source

Boss, who frames a photo these days when people have Instagram and Pinterest?

These are some totally useless gifts that every couple gets on their wedding day. These gifts are like a proof that you’re officially married. If you’re getting married anytime soon, then expect the above list of gifts or there is a smart way to avoid this. Write on your invitation card…

“Blessings in cash only.” 😉

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