Usain Bolt Smiled At The Cameras Before Winning The 100m And Internet Made Legendary Memes

If you have not watched the men’s 100 meters sprint event of the Rio Olympics, do not worry, you didn’t miss anything.

Just like the last two times, Usain Bolt won in 9.81 seconds!

But unlike last two times, he didn’t start his race like he always does. The people who watched the race would feel, that for the first time maybe Usain Bolt might come second.

And then this happened –

Image source

Yes, Justin Gatlin seemed to be winning and was in the lead for more than half the race. But then Usain Bolt started running like we start studying 2 days before the exam.

And won the race, with THAT SMILE plastered on his face.

The world was impressed, and the Internet made glorious memes out of it!

1. Yes, that is as true as it can be! Usain Bolt defines our sprint in life


2. We have all been there

Image source


3. That is how easy it was for him

Image source


4. That expression is gold. Oh, wait. Silver.

Image source


5. LOL.


6. Raise your hands if it happened to you in your childhood!

Image source


7. He IS superhuman!


8. ūüėÄ

Image source


9. No one can be famous when you are running against Bolt


10. He literally trolled every guy in the race there!

Image source


11. That’s fast!


12. Pokemon master by default!

Image source

Now the question remains, who will get trolled at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo?

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