US Woman Adopts Girl Child From India With Down Syndrome, Turns Her Life Around

On October 15 2022, a woman from the US named Megan adopted a girl child from India named Ami. The girl was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. But that didn’t stop Megan and her family from bringing her home.

“Our first time meeting Ami was exactly one year ago – October 15, 2022,” wrote Megan in one of her Instagram posts.

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Megan describes Ami as the “spunkiest, silliest, most beautiful baby girl” who completed the missing piece of their family puzzle.

“She is smart, has the biggest heart, and rocks an extra chromosome. She was a missing piece to our family puzzle and we are so grateful to have spent one full year together,” Meghan wrote.

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In a video that was shared by her on Instagram, we see Ami being welcomed by Megan’s family at the airport, her having a blast at home as well as outdoors as she plays with water and hops on various rides in the children’s park.

To watch the video, click here.

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Ami now has a loving, accepting and wonderful family that is willing to go above and beyond for her.

“She brings more to our life than we ever could have imagined. And I think everyone who knows her will say the same thing. We could have missed this life had we not said ‘yes’ to adoption. I would endure the stress, anxiety, financial lift, emotional turmoil, and excitement again and again knowing it would create this beautiful life,” Megan wrote.

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Ami’s life could have turned out to be very different had she stayed in India. It is heartwarming to see her live the life she deserves! ūüėÄ

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