US Mom Randomly Approaches Girls Inside University Campus To Find A Date For Her Son

Desi kids can relate: our moms are the most embarrassing match-makers to have existed in the history of civilization!

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If she is on your Facebook friend list (God help you), you might have come across multiple times where she has gone through your pics, judged your guy friends, and has planned an imaginary wedding.

What’s worse? Your mom doing the same thing just in time for Valentine’s Day when you are single! There is no other level beneath this which makes you feel completely romantically incompetent.

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This US mom wanted to help her son find a date, so she started approaching girls inside the university campus until things started to get a little out of hand!

Campus police in Maryland’s Towson University had to issue ‘incident advisory’ after receiving several complaints from female students who were approached by the mother and deemed the right fit for her son.

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According to sources, police have asked students and staff to be “on the lookout for a woman in her 50s wearing a multicoloured scarf. She’s looking for a date for her son.”

The police have released footage of the woman on the loose wandering about the campus, showing girls a picture of her son on her phone.

University officials said the woman isn’t being sought for any criminal investigation, but simply to put the behaviour to a stop. But awareness is being spread to ensure the safety of the campus students.

If you thought that your mom couldn’t be embarrassing you enough, think again. She might just turn into wing-mom someday!

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