US Marines Drink Cobra Blood, Eat Scorpions & Insects During Survival Training In Thailand

The people who qualify to be a part of the army are the toughest men around and there is no doubt over the fact. The blokes are pushed through an intense and grueling training process, to make them strong enough to deal with every situation life throws at them. From performing their duties in extreme temperatures to surviving deadly jungles, the life of a commando is actually a game between life and death.

However, the Asia-Pacific military exercise known as the Cobra Gold, asks for more. It is the largest multinational military exercise held in Thailand every year and trains thousands of young cadets for the resilient times ahead.

This year was no different and in a video which is going viral, US Marines were seen drinking the blood of the King Cobra! The troops can be seen tilting their heads back as the Marine instructor dripped the blood of the dead snake into their mouths.

Cobra blood is considered nutritious and can be used as a replacement for water. The drill is expected to prepare the Marines for surviving jungles where there is no access to food or water.

Not only Cobra blood, but the video also shows the Marines munching on black scorpions, cockroaches, and other insects.

Here is the video:

Apart from the US, troops from Singapore, Japan, China, India, South Korea, Indonesia, and Malaysia also take part in the event.

Not for the weak hearted, folks!

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