US Man Says ‘Indian Food Is Terrible’, Twitter Asks ‘Do You Even Have Taste Buds?’


Indian food has fans from all across the world. If you go on YouTube and search for videsis eating desi khana, you will seldom find someone who wasn’t mind-blown by it. Because with all the spices, flavour, and most-importantly varieties, it’s very difficult not to fall in love with desi khana instantly!

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However, one man on Twitter thinks otherwise. Responding to a tweet asking people for “controversial food opinions”, one Professor Tom Nichols went on to tweet that “Indian food is terrible and we pretend it isn’t”, reports The Indian Express.

Read the tweet here:

Do you feel your mind cooking up a 76529875-page presentation on how Indian food is THE BEST and anyone who thinks otherwise is purely mistaken? Do you want to invite this man over to your place and make him taste the wonder which is Biryani till he changes his mind? Because I do!

Not just desi Twitter, but ardent fans of Indian Food joined hands to collectively tell this man, ‘You are wrong’!

However, later the man went on to clarify that he has had Indian food only from restaurants only in the US and UK. Dude, that doesn’t even count!

There’s never a dull moment sitting and watching people on the internet argue over Indian food while I sit and enjoy aloo paratha on a cosy winter morning!

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