Man Gets ‘Welcome Flowers’ On His First Day At New Job, Realises Epic Goof Up Months Later

The first day at a new job is a day of mixed feelings. We are all happy to start it all new but also nervous until we learn all the details and procedures of our new office. After all, none of us want to look dumb by making some major goof up at the workplace during the initial days of our joining. But sometimes, things go wrong unexpectedly and we fail to figure it out for months.

A US man shared a similar experience of a major goof that he unknowingly made on the first day of his job. Jon Qui Qui was very excited to receive the welcome gifts in the new office he joined few months back.

He also found some flowers on his desk which he apparently thought were a part of his welcome shenanigans. Happy to receive such an amazing welcome, the man posed for pictures with the bouquet. Some of his colleagues also noticed him striking poses with the flowers. He took to Twitter to share the photos with his friends with a caption, “First day feels <3”.

Looks like a perfect happy story, isn’t it?

But here comes the twist!

Jon, recently, got to know that the flowers were misplaced on his desk that day and were actually meant for a woman going on maternity leave.

He wrote a post on Twitter to share his major goof-up cracking the internet up. Jon also mentioned that his colleagues in the new office who saw him clicking photos with the flowers felt too bad to take it away from him.

Looking at the happy face and confidence of the man, the HR team would certainly haven’t got the heart to take away the flowers from him. Moreover, they would have definitely added a bouquet to their welcome gifts after this. What’s your take on the entire story?