Doctors Are Pasting Pics Of Themselves Smiling On Their PPE Suits To Comfort Anxious Patients

The health crisis of coronavirus outbreak has left many people disheartened. While those who are being treated for the viral infection are in a state of panic, the family members of those who passed away due to COVID-19 are grieving.

In the midst of such distressful circumstances, medics around the world are not only doing their best to treat the patients but are also trying to cheer them up. We recently saw doctors arranging chocolates and candles for a 2-year-old coronavirus patient in Punjab to make things lighter in the hospital.

In another such attempt, Robertino, who works at Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego, pasted a smiling picture of himself on his PPE suit to make sure while he is all covered up, he doesn’t fail to smile at his patients and spread positivity, reports India Today.

Robertino shared his picture and the motto behind pasting his picture on the Personal protective equipment (PPE) suit in an Instagram post. Have a look:

Robertino’s kind gesture inspired other doctors to follow him and they too started putting pictures of themselves smiling on their PPE suits.

This is really a great step. A small compassionate gesture that brings smiles and relief to people during these difficult times is much appreciated!