Boney Kapoor Gets Slammed For Inappropriately Touching Urvashi Rautela, Her Reaction Leaves Netizens Divided

From the outside, the life of a celebrity looks all glamorous making us think that they lead perfect lives. But once one is under the spotlight, every word and action is monitored and endless speculations are made about them.

Recent victims of such speculations and judgement from the public have been actress Urvashi Rautela and Boney Kapoor.

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A few days back, the two were seen making an appearance at Jayantilal Gada’s son, Akshay Gada’s wedding reception in Mumbai.

A video from that night has been making rounds on the internet in which Boney Kapoor and Urvashi are seen standing beside each other, posing for the paparazzi.

Towards the end of the video, Boney Kapoor is seen patting Urvashi on her back while she gently responds with a smile.

However, this action was taken on a negative light by a particular media house who went on to write an article shaming Boney Kapoor for touching her inappropriately.

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And as the video went viral, people started slamming Boney Kapoor for his alleged disrespectful action.

Urvashi later took on to Twitter to express her opinions about the issue, bashing media houses for spreading false news and defaming Kapoor.

The entire incident has left netizens divided.

While many blamed Urvashi of not taking a stand and Boney for misusing his power in the industry, some also stepped forward in support of the actress respecting her opinion.

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