Once Again, Urvashi Rautela Gets Called Out For Copying Captions, This Time From Zendaya

People copying someone else’s caption or quoting someone without acknowledgment is a common thing these days. But when you are in the public eye 24×7, you can’t afford to blatantly copy others and not give them credit. That’s because the social media police, like a hawk, is always looking for something to prey on.

And this time, it’s beauty queen and Bollywood actor Urvashi Rautela who got under the scanner of people online for posting a caption back in July 2021.

What happened is, Rautela posted a picture with a caption that is somewhat identical to what American actress and singer Zendaya posted in July 2020.

First, let’s look at Rautela’s old post that’s been investigated.

She captioned it:

Now, take a look at Zendaya’s post she shared in July 2020.


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A post shared by Zendaya (@zendaya)

She wrote:

Well, it is hard to deny that both these posts have an uncanny resemblance. Now you know why people online were a little irked with Rautela.

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As people online rightly pointed out, this isn’t the first time Urvashi copied a celeb’s caption. Earlier, she copy-pasted NY-based author’s tweet about ‘Parasite’. She was also labeled a ‘copycat’ when she lifted Gigi Hadid’s IG caption WORD-TO-WORD.

About time she gets a new social media manager or just works around emojis.

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