Urfi Javed Recalls The Time Her Relatives Cut Off Her Revealing Clothes With Scissors

If there is anyone besides Ranveer Singh who is known for their eccentric style and outfits, it is Urfi Javed. The thing that puts her on the receiving end of a lot of hate and social media trolling has also put her under the limelight – her clothes. Paparazzi Viral Bhayani had earlier revealed that nowadays, visuals of Urfi Javed make them more money than any other celebrity!


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In an interview, Urfi revealed that she didn’t have much money to buy fashionable outfits. Hence, she used to DIY many of her clothes. She says that money isn’t everything when it comes to having a style. Sometimes it’s about creativity as well.

The Indian Express quoted her saying:

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“I took up DIY approach as I wanted to have the best of clothes but didn’t have that kind of money. Also, not everyone can afford big brands, and this is why first copies sell so much. I think there’s nothing wrong with it and I hope girls can understand that money is not everything for style. Sometimes it’s all about creativity. I hope I can take this thought ahead and someday launch a fashion line.”


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She further revealed that her relatives and father would come to her house to “inspect” her clothes. In a rather upsetting incident for her, they cut many of her dresses with a pair of scissors.

“I have always been bold and loved to dress well. It did not go down well with them and they took their anger on my clothes. With a pair of scissors, they cut so many of my dresses, saying some showed cleavage while others were sleeveless. I decided that I will get back to them one day, and rightly so, today most of them want a selfie with me.”

We hope that one day, Urfi’s very clothes take her places!

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