Urfi Javed Calls Rahul Vaidya A Hypocrite For Sexualising Women In His Video & Demeaning Others

Of late, a fresh face has taken over several paparazzi accounts with her OTT glam looks and outfits. Be it a dress made of plastic, safety pins, or even glass, Urfi Javed has till now rocked several bold looks with easy and soaring confidence.


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However, the aspiring actor is often criticized and sometimes slut-shamed for her style sense. Earlier, Urfi and Farah Khan Ali engaged in a verbal catfight after the latter called her clothes ‘distasteful’. Now, we sense tensions between Javed and singer Rahul Vaidya.

Recently, Javed took to her Instagram account and shared a screengrab of Vaidya’s new song. She then went on to call him a sexist hypocrite and wrote:

“Sexualising a woman’s body for your benefit but when she chooses to sexualize it herself and wear and post whatever she wants it bothers people! #hypocrisy.”

She was referring to Vaidya’s new music video wherein he is seen dancing and romanticizing Nyrraa M Banerji.

In another story, Urfi continued, “I used to love Rahul Vaidya so much as a singer but dayummm! You lost all respect! You’re a sexist hypocrite.”

One might think, ‘Why is Javed so mad at Vaidya all of a sudden?’. Well, this goes back to when Vaidya tweeted in May 2022 that in the coming years people will start posting nudes in the name of fashion.

While he didn’t name anyone in his tweet, it was speculated that the tweet was directed at Urfi. She even responded to his tweet and had shared on her IG stories, “I’ve been thinking a lot to speak about this even if this is not directed to me.”

“This is wrong! The statement is so so wrong. We all do things which according to others might not be ethical then why judge others. Also I was just stumped reading ‘my wife sent me a nude photo of a girl’ woohoo. #relationshipgoals.”

Haven’t we seen innumerable videos wherein women are used just to amp up the glamour quotient in them? If that’s okay then why is a woman being looked down upon for dressing the way she wants?

Urfi has been coming up with several unusual looks every day. But one thing I fail to understand is why are her revealing clothes anyone else’s problem? If her bare body is bothering you, why stare at it?

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