12 Upcoming Technologies That Might Change Our World Forever

You have to admit that our age is an age of technology. If we look around for a moment, we would find that we are surrounded by science and technology. We have become so dependent on it that we cannot imagine a day without it. Technology too is changing at a very fast rate and in a few years it might change the way we live today.

Here are some of the exciting emerging technology that might become a part of our daily lives soon.

1. Google Glass

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Most of you might have heard about it. It is an optical display designed like a pair of eyeglasses. It is expected that the glass will be the next generation smartphone. It will not only display all the information you need, but it’ll also allow you to operate hands-free. It might just make your cellphone redundant.

2. 3D printers

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It is one of the most exciting upcoming technology. The 3D printer is kind of a real life version of Shakalaka Boom Boom. It can print your design into a real life product. It has made quite some progress too. In fact many large scale industries have already tried to make use of this technology. The famous Bond’s Aston martin car that burst into flames in the Skyfall was not a real product but a 3D printed one.

3. Virtual Reality gaming device like Oculus Rift

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This device can change gaming for ever. This device can make you a real life ‘Johnny Quest’. Through this device, you will be able to almost transport yourself into the game. Who knows few years down the line reality and virtual reality might become so thin that you might not be able to tell one from the other.

4. The Internet Of Things

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This new age technology is gaining popularity day by day. It is technology that allows you to connect all your physical devices together. It allows these devices to sync with each other exactly the way you would want it. It aims to reduce interaction between a person and the physical devices. In coming years, internet of things would change the way we work and function.

5. Drive-less car

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Even today we depend greatly on GPS to reach our destination. In fact, the day is not far when you won’t need to drive your car anymore. Google is trying to develop cars that would soon change the way we commute.

6. Brain-Controlled Computers

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It aims that developing computers and other electronic devices can be operated just using your bran. Although right now this technology is just taking baby steps, yet in the coming years, this can change the way we operate our devices. There are already few companies that have successfully created a device that writes by just reading your mind.

7. Sub Sonic means of transport like the Hyperloop

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Another interesting technology that might change the way we travel in the next few years. It’s trying to develop a transportation system with the help of which people can go from one place to another at a very high speed.


8. Tricorder

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The tricorder can be seen in many science fiction dramas like the Star Trek. If developed successfully, a tricorder could become a really useful device. The device would help you to quickly diagnose what problems you have in your body. Apparently, many companies are investing millions to develop such a device. If this device is created, it would not only help us to quickly know about the disease but get it treated too.


9. Screenless display

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A display is something that keeps evolving every year. Some or the other company keeps making some new and innovative display. Researchers have been trying to develop a technology that won’t even require a screen to display. One would be able to view everything like it’s happening in front of their own eyes. If you have seen films like Paycheck and Iron Man, then you exactly know what I am talking about.


10. Age Reversal

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Believe it or not, age reversal might actually become a reality soon. Unlike your anti-aging creams, this would actually allow you to age back. It would reduce your biological age by reverse ageing the human cell lines. Interestingly, scientists in Japan and Australia have already made significant progress. In fact, some researchers have also successfully reversed the ageing process in the muscles of mice.


11. Artificial Pink Light Farms

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One of the biggest crisis that the world might face in the coming years is the lack of proper agricultural land. Countries around the world are already facing an acute shortage of food. Pink Farms tries to address this particular problem. These farms will use some kind of LED lighting to grow organic, pesticide free, climate controlled food inside indoor environments. Not only that, these farms would also require much less water and people would be able to grow crops throughout the year.


12. Robo-humans

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Although it might sound like utter bullshit right now, but robot humans could soon become a reality. Once humans try to enhance themselves to become a superior race, they would have no other option except digital implants. Who knows there may be a century where the world would be filled with Iron Men and Robocops.

These technologies make me feel that there is still so much progress that we can make.

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