UP Father Sold His Own Daughter For ₹10k, Cruelly Gang-Raped & Ignored By Cops, She Set Herself On Fire

The world we live in is defined by money and it is almost baffling how it makes one do the most vile things. It can also turn one against his/her own family and there are umpteen examples. And this brings us to a shocking case in Uttar Pradesh, which will drive our point home.

According to TOI, a widow in her late 20’s was allegedly sold by her father and aunt for Rs. 10,000. The woman from Hapur was handed over after the death of her husband to a man who had taken loans from several people. To satisfy his creditors, the man sent the woman as domestic help to their houses where she was repeatedly harassed and gang-raped.

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Traumatized by the merciless torture, the helpless woman went to the police Hapur police officers as well as the SP. But surprisingly, the police did not even register her complaint let alone taking action against the accused. As a result, she tried to end his life last month by setting herself on fire. With 80% of her body covered with burns, she is now fighting death at a private hospital in Delhi.

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However, on Sunday, Hapur SP Yashveer Singh said an FIR had now been registered against 14 persons under the sections of rape and an investigation initiated in the case. Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chairperson, Swati Maliwal, has taken up the issue and written to UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath, seeking justice for the woman.

The letter reads,

“DCW is in receipt of a representation from a survivor of gang-rape belonging to Hapur. The survivor has suffered unimaginable harassment at the hands of the UP police in Hapur who have refused to register an FIR despite repeated complaints.”

“This insensitivity and shameful conduct of the UP police compelled the survivor to immolate herself. She is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital in Delhi.”

While the case highlights that the country is still way too far from being a safe place for women, it also shows the inefficiency of the police in India. Absolutely gutted to come across the horrific episode, we sincerely hope that the woman gets her deserved justice.