UP Assembly Speaker Makes Comment About Rakhi Sawant Shedding Clothes, Slammed Online

Recently, MLA Raghav Chadha faced massive criticism online after he called Navjot Singh Sidhu the ‘Rakhi Sawant of Punjab politics’. While Rakhi too responded to his statement by giving a befitting reply, many people asked why a hardworking woman such as her is being dragged into such controversies unnecessarily.

However, in another incident, Uttar Pradesh Assembly Speaker, Hriday Narayan Dixit, made a derogatory statement about Rakhi Sawant – a video of which is circulating online. The Indian Express quoted him saying:

“Gandhi ji used to wear few clothes, he used to wear dhoti. Gandhi ji was called Bapu. Now, had anyone become a great personality just by shedding their clothes then Rakhi Sawant would have been bigger than Gandhi.”

After facing criticism for his statement, Dixit clarified that he was just trying to “praise” Mahatma Gandhi.

“I was praising by trying to explain that a person becomes big by hard work, honesty, his karma and his capabilities. I was trying to explain that there are various factors that make one great,” he said.

Watch the video here:

However, what people online highlighted was that there was no need for him to mention Rakhi Sawant and show her in a negative light. Have a look:

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Rakhi took to Instagram to address the issue. She posted a picture of her husband’s tweet which read, “Hridaynarayan ji, bohot dukh ke saath yeh kehna padh raha hai ke aaj ke is yug mein aap kisi mahila ke character uske pahanve se judge karte hai.

This roughly translated to, “I am sad to say this that even in today’s age, you judge a woman’s character by the clothes she wears.”

What are your views on Hriday Narayan Dixit’s statement? Tell us.

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