Govt. School In UP Turns Into A Dance Bar For Gram Pradhan’s Son. What The Actual F*CK!

The world we live in is a scary place. And unfortunately, it is getting uglier each passing day. I’m no cynic but not one day goes by when the newspapers are not screeching headlines that otherwise may seem unreal. I say this because I’m in the business of news and that makes it even worse.

I’ll tell you why.

In a shocking incident, a government primary school in Mirzapur district, turned into a dance bar on the occasion of Rakha Bandhan. 

dance bar

It all came to light when a video went viral on the social media. Although the local administration was prompt in seeking a report from the Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA), no adequate action has been taken against the organisers yet.


According to TOI, the party was organised on the occasion of Rakshabandhan to mark and celebrate the birthday of the Gram Pradhan’s son. Mirzapur BSA Pravin Tiwari said, 

dance bar

“We have taken note of this shocking incident and gathered all details.

We are preparing a detailed report of the incident, and it will be submitted to the district magistrate on Thursday for further action.”

He also claimed that the there was no involvement of teachers or school principal in it and that it was the Gram Pradhan who took the keys of the school from the principal.

In fact, the faculty and staff came to know about it only after seeing the dirty premises, which was later cleaned by the teachers and students themselves.


Watch the entire video here. 

Unfortunately, this is the sad reality of our system in place! But the question remains, for how long?!