UP Govt Employees Wear Helmets Inside Old Office Building In Case The Roof Crashes Down

Have you ever been inside really old buildings and felt as if the roof was going to fall over your head? Honestly, seeing those cracks in the roof and walls of age-old government offices manage to creep me out!

Speaking of old buildings creeping the bejesus out of people, employees of the electricity department in Banda, Uttar Pradesh, were spotted sitting inside their office wearing helmets.

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According to a report by India Today, the helmets are for safety purposes only. That is because the office building is in a state of ruin and the employees fear that the roof would come crashing down one day.

One of the employees told sources, “It’s the same condition since I joined 2 yrs ago. We’ve written to authorities but there is no response.”

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In the pictures, it can be seen that there are numerous holes on the walls of the building. A pillar in the middle of the room holds everything together. Papers and boxes are stacked up for the lack of drawers. The overall condition of the room is worrisome.

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Read the tweet here:

People on the internet are shocked and ashamed over the authorities’ neglect over the issue. Have a look:

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We hope that the government looks into this and similar other buildings and arranges for their renovation because the lives of the employees are at stake.

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