UP Farmer Adopts Calf As ‘Son’, Invites 500 Guests For Its ‘Mundan’, Locals Arrive With Presents


Life can take a happy turn for some animals once they find a new family. For instance, the Mexican navy adopted a dog that they rescued during the city floods, or how a 12-year-old student adopted a tiger at Hyderabad zoo by donating his birthday budget.

As per a report in TOI, a childless farmer couple named Vijaypal and Rajeshwari Devi in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh decided to adopt a calf as their ‘son’ and call it ‘Laltu Baba’. Moreover, they invited over 500 guests to a symbolic ‘mundan’ (head-shaving) ritual on Wednesday.

To perform the pooja ceremony, they took the calf to Laltu Ghat, on the banks of Gomti river. A priest was also invited who gave blessings to the calf and its ‘parents’. Following that, a feast was held where people from all over the village arrived with presents and gifts.


A local villager, Ratnesh Mishra said, “We were surprised to see the ‘mundan’ invitation. A lot of people attended. We were all excited and happy for the couple and the calf.”

Vijaypal explained that he felt lonely in his home at Shahjahanpur, especially after the demise of his parents. His 2 younger sisters are also married.
He further shared that he was very close to the cow. i.e. Laltu’s mother, who was raised and brought up by Vijaypal’s late father. When the cow passed away, and the calf was left all alone, he decided to adopt it as his ‘child’. He says, “I always treated Laltu as my son. The calf has been attached to us since its birth. Laltu’s love for us is true and unconditional.”
“When we can accept a cow as our mother then why not its calf as a son,” he concluded.
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