UP Family Cooks ‘Ganja’ Sabzi & Eats It Thinking It’s Methi, All Hospitalised


Usually, a stoner’s go-to answer when a family member finds a packet of weed in their possession is to call it methi leaves! That’s a very simple cover-up, considering how similar methi leaves and weed look.

Which is why, when a man in Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, named Naval Kishore jokingly gave a packet of weed or ganja to a fellow villager’s son, Nitesh, and claimed it was methi, the latter didn’t realise. He went on to give the packet of weed to his sister-in-law and asked her to make a sabzi out of it, reports Navbharat Times.

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When the family of six ate the sabzi, which was made out of potatoes and weed, their health started deteriorating. They asked their neighbours to call a doctor. While the neighbours were at it, the entire family fainted and soon had to be hospitalised, reports Patrika.

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When the police arrived for an investigation, the found the sabzi on a cooking pan as well as the remaining packet of weed. They have detained Naval Kishore – the man who made the entire mess.

On interrogating him, Naval Kishore said, “Maine mazak mazak mein ganje ke pattiya de di thi.”

Besides the light-headedness, the family is slowly recovering and is under medical care.

Such kind of jokes involving intoxicants can end up in fatal consequences. We urge people to refrain from such acts.

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