In Video: UP Cop Says The Food Served To Them At The Mess Is So Bad That Even Dogs Won’t Eat

Come rain or storm, our police force is always ready to serve its citizens. They are the first ones to reach the rescue spots to safeguard our life. Hence, they themselves need to take good care of themselves for which having a balanced diet is a must.

But far from a balanced diet, some cops in India are provided with food that dogs would also reject. This is what a cop from Uttar Pradesh told in a now-viral video.

In the video, a UP police constable posted in the Firozabad district was seen protesting against the quality of food served at the mess in Police Lines. He took to the busy roads with a plate of rice, roti, and a bowl of dal just to show the public what they are being provided with. He then sat in the middle of the road and told the media personnel about his ordeal.


In another video, the cop identified as constable Manoj Kumar also told the media that he had taken the issue to the SP and higher authorities but in vain.

“Policemen are eating this food after 12 hours of duty. Even a dog won’t eat this. We can’t eat this food. How can we do our duties if we don’t have anything in our bellies?”

The crying constable also added that despite being assured of a nutritious diet by the state government, they are served inedible food, reported India Today.

“All this is a scam by the senior superintendent of police and the DCP. Through these people, police personnel is provided poor quality food.”

Kumar further added that when he raised the issue to the mess manager, he threatened to have him ousted. Hence, he took to the streets to protest.

“There is no one to listen in this department (police). Captain sir doesn’t listen to my problems, that’s why I am protesting here. When Captain sir passed by here, I told him that you should eat the rotis on this plate, he should know what kind of food his soldiers eat. Can his children eat such food? I just want to ask him this.”

After his video went viral, the Firozabad Police asked the higher authorities to look into the matter.

On watching his video, a lot of fingers were raised at the state government. Some also expressed concern that he might be sacked from his job as he decided to go against the authorities.

We also came across a tweet that alleged that the constable was suspended multiple times in the last few years pending an internal inquiry. Hence, to malign the image of the authorities he is doing such a stunt.

The food definitely doesn’t look edible, not for someone who works for hours under the sun. However, if he is doing this just to seek revenge then may the accused be prosecuted.

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