Uttar Pradesh CM Says Treating Women Like Goddesses Will Curb Crimes, Desis React

In our society, there is a persisting tendency to put women on a pedestal and equate them with goddesses. She is often called the sister, the mother, the devi – this is often the case while talking about physical abuse and assault prevention.

For example, recently, the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath, urged people to view women as “manifestations of the Goddess”. He believes that this could help curb crimes against women, reports The Indian Express.

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“Daughters and sisters should be accorded goddess-like sanctity,” he added.

Responding to this, many people online questioned that if criminals would have been god-fearing, they wouldn’t be committing crimes in the first place.

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Some also highlighted that to curb crimes against women, we need strict laws instead.

Women, on the other hand, said that we do not need the world to see us as Goddesses, but only like humans.

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Pedestalisation of women as deities dehumanizes us. Viewing women via an idealistic lens basically asserts the regressive notion that if a woman is ‘pure’ and ‘devi like’, she is meant to be protected and otherwise not.

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