UP Bride Calls Off Wedding, Walks Away From Dais After Groom Fails To Count 30 Notes Of ₹10

In several parts of our country, marriages between two individuals are often mediated by families, relatives or match-makers. The bride and the groom are often unaware of each others’ personalities, likes and dislikes and get to know each other only after they get married and start living with each other.

It is then that they discover that the two are incompatible or have personality traits that are tremendously unlikable. They then want to get out of the marriage which is difficult because divorce is still a taboo in our society. So, they are forced to sacrifice their happiness and settle with someone they don’t want to settle down with.

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For example, in an incident that was reported in UP’s Farrukhabad district, a 21-year-old bride called off her wedding and walked away from the dais after the groom failed to count a bunch of Rs 10 notes, reported Deccan Herald.

This might sound like a very small reason to break off a marriage, but there’s more. It was actually the priest who was called to perform the wedding who noticed that there was something wrong with the groom. He then informed the bride’s family.

The bride’s family claimed that until the day of the wedding, they didn’t realise that the groom was ‘mentally weak’.

“Marriages usually happen in good faith and the mediator was a close relative, so we trusted him and did not meet the guy. When the priest told us about his odd behaviour, we decided to conduct a test and gave him 30 currency notes of Rs 10 to count which he could not. After knowing about his condition, Rita refused to marry him,” the bride’s brother said, reported Times Now.

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After the bride’s refusal, a massive verbal spat began between the two families, which the cops had to arrive and mediate. But the bride stuck to her decision of not going ahead with the marriage.

What a mess!

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