UP Bride Calls Off Her Wedding After Groom’s Friends Forcefully Drag Her To The Dance Floor

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. And for some, their self-respect matters the most even if it means calling off their own wedding to safeguard it.

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This bride from Uttar Pradesh was enraged when some of her to-be groom’s friends forcefully dragged her to the dance floor moments before their wedding, much to her objection.

Disappointed by their behaviour, both the bride and her family objected to such ill-treatment and decided to cancel the wedding, reported Times Now. “She cannot be forced to tie the knot with a man who does not respect her,” said the father of a bride hailing from Kannauj district.

The couple, both postgraduates, decided to marry each other after their parents arranged the wedding. Hence, the bride came down to the groom’s village in Bareilly district for a grand wedding ceremony. However, the upsetting incident triggered an argument between both the parties and the wedding was cancelled with the bride’s family deciding to return home.

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According to Zee News, the bride’s family also allegedly filed a dowry complaint against the groom’s family. “The wedding has been called off. The woman’s family had given a dowry complaint. No FIR was registered since it is an issue between two families. They reached a settlement,” said a police officer.

Both the families negotiated a settlement and the groom’s parents agreed to pay Rs 6.5 lakh to the bride’s family.

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Reports indicate that a couple of days after the incident, the groom’s family tried convincing the bride’s family to solemnize the marriage but the bride refused their proposal after the alleged misbehaviour.

IMO, respect and love are the building blocks of any relationship. What do you think of this incident? Tell us.

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