One Million People In UP Planted 220 Million Trees In One Day To Combat Climate Change!

It’s not a hidden fact that our planet is in dire need of afforestation. With the growing pollution and increasing levels of toxic greenhouse gases, the Earth is experiencing devastating effects of climate change. And out of the several ways, the most convenient and effective way to curb environmental destruction is to plant as many trees as possible.

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The depleting forest cover and scarce rain in Uttar Pradesh was a cause for concern. So, on the occasion of ‘Kranti Diwas’ on August 9, the government decided to initiate a plantation drive with the aim of planting 220 million saplings in the state.

Accordingly, students, lawmakers, officials, and other residents participated in the drive to plant trees across roads, railway tracks and forest land in the northern region of the state. Over one million people in the state came together to plant around 220 million geotagged saplings in a single day.

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“We set the target of 220 million because Uttar Pradesh is home to 220 million people,” Yogi Adityanath said, reports HuffPost.

Forest official Bivhas Ranjan said that these saplings will effectively help in improving the forest cover in the state. According to reports, UP’s current forest cover was found to 9% as against the required cover of 33%.

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The Uttar Pradesh government has certainly taken a step in the right direction. Other states too should take inspiration from them and do their bit to combat climate change.