Woman Claims Uorfi Javed Is Negatively Impacting Minors With Her ‘Obscene’ Dressing

Uorfi Javed has been controversy’s favorite child ever since the paparazzi started filming her in her OTT outfits. From Bollywood celebs to authors, a lot of well-known people have criticized her fashion sense. But, the model and social media personality hasn’t shied away from giving them a piece of her mind.

Recently, Uorfi stepped out of her home wearing a green transparent dress with a mask and a chunky gold choker.


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She was papped going across the city in her outfit that was termed ‘outrageous’ by many people online. Offended by the clothes the model puts on her body, Arnaz Hathiram, who advocates for men’s rights in India, said that by showing up in public places dressed as she dresses, she is having a negative impact on minor children.

Tagging Priyank Kanoongo, chairperson of the National Commission for Protection Of Child Rights in her tweet, Hathiram wrote:

The moment she shared the tweet, people online came to the comments section to share their two cents on the matter. While some backed Uorfi saying she can wear whatever she wants, others thought she is promoting obscenity in public places. Take a look:

Since we’re here, talking about minor kids and women being objectified, how about teaching kids about freedom, consent, and boundaries? Don’t you think?

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