Police Complaint Filed Against Uorfi Javed For ‘Obscenity’ In Public Spaces, She Hits Back

Uorfi Javed has become famous on social media and within the entertainment industry because of her off-beat outfits. While some call her outfits creative, others think they are obscene.

However, in a bizarre incident, a lawyer named Ali Kashif Khan Deshmukh submitted a police complaint against Uorfi Javed at Andheri police station, reported India Today.


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In the complaint, there were accusations against her for “committing illegal and obscene acts in public places and on social media”.

Uorfi, however, didn’t keep shut. She hit back at the lawyer for filing an official complaint and highlighted how people are offended by a woman’s clothing but not by those who commit crimes against women.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, she wrote:

“I don’t know how many more police complaints against me! Wow. I am amazed how people have no problem, or any kind of objection against people who openly threaten to rape me, kill me. You have a problem with me because of my clothes but not with men who rape and murder.”

She went on to share a visual of herself in an orange dress and sarcastically asked the lawyer to use it as evidence in court.

“This is me in a restaurant, please use this video as evidence in court (my only request),” she wrote.

People really need to keep their priorities straight. I think there are more pressing issues in the world that need our immediate attention. Uorfi Javed isn’t one of them.

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