Uorfi Javed Says Mumbaikars Don’t Rent Her Homes Because Of The Way She Dresses

You can love her, or hate her but you can’t ignore Uorfi Javed or her unconventional fashion choices. Be it trash bags or electric wires, she has made outfits out of anything and everything and there’s more to come for sure.


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Even though she owns her fashion style, people often find it offensive, revealing, and problematic of sorts. And this has often put her in soup.

Her outfits have also become the reason for her not being able to rent an apartment in Mumbai. Pretty weird, right? Recently, the public figure took to Twitter and shared her plight.

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She tweeted that Muslim house owners are not taking her in as a tenant because of the way she dresses. Some also deny her homes because of the threats she has been getting, again, because of her dressing sense.

“Muslim owners don’t want to rent me house cause of the way I dress, Hindi owners don’t want to rent me one cause I’m Muslim. Some owners have an issue with the political threats I get. Finding a rental apartment in Mumbai is so tuff.” (sic)

After she tweeted this, people decided to share their two cents on the matter. While some suggested she dress appropriately, others came in support of her.

That’s a sad reality of Mumbai. What do you think of this mentality? Let us know.

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