Men On Reddit List Some Unspoken Rules They Follow For A Successful & Happy Marriage

Most people say that marriages are always a ‘Work In Progress’. It always needs the love, attention, and nurturing of both parties to run smoothly.

Some couples even have a mutual understanding and come up with tricks and hacks that help them keep their marriages last longer and happier.

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Recently, the men of Reddit shared their unspoken rules for successful marriage after a user posed this question on the ‘Ask Men’ subreddit of the application:

Married Men, what are the unspoken rules for successful marriage? from AskMen

On seeing his query, several men came to the comments section and revealed the unsaid and secret practices they religiously follow to ensure their marriage is trouble-free.

Spare the public humiliation.

Believe in your partner.


Give and have space.

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Don’t complain about your partner behind his/her back.

“Marriage isn’t the end of your boyfriend and girlfriend phase.”

Go on dates.

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It’s always the couple against the problem.

Respect over everything.

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Marriage comes first.

Counseling doesn’t always have to lead to divorce.

Know yourself first.

Give your 100%.

Be happy for them.

I am all in for respecting your partner and giving your everything to the relationship. You can’t expect anyone to trust you during a free fall when you haven’t made them believe that they can.

Do you have anything to add to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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