UNO Maker’s Tweet Proves We’ve Been Playing It Wrong All Our Lives, Twitter Says ‘Aise Kaise?’

There are some things in life that we just don’t want to believe are true. Even if they are hard facts. Like Jon Snow abandoning his direwolf Ghost without so much as a pat. The end of the road for our favourite Avenger in Endgame. And the fact that stacking ‘Draw cards’ is not allowed in our favourite game UNO.

Yes, UNO has made it official with this tweet. If a player plays a Draw 2 or Draw 4, then the next person’s turn is skipped.

All this time, we were playing Draw 4 on Draw 4 so that the next player picks up 8 cards. Our whole life has been a lie! If you’re still wondering and trying to come up with combinations of Draw cards that can be put down successively, let us burst your bubble.

We’ve been wrong the whole time!

Needless to say, the announcement was met with a lot of resistance from the internet. They were having none of it and didn’t hesitate to say so.

This isn’t the first time UNO has caused a stir with its rules. Earlier, they declared that a game can, in fact, be completed with an action card and it took everyone by surprise.