UNO Says Can’t Stack +2 Over +2, Desis Say ‘Our Rules Are Our Rules, None Of Your Rules’


There are some things that you JUST. CANNOT. MESS. WITH.

You can’t mess with chaiย in the process of making “chai latte” and you can’t mess with biryani by adding a rosogollaย into it! Similarly, you cannot mess with how people play UNO. Nope, even UNO makers can’t mess with that!

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However, UNO recently took to Twitter to notify that we cannot stack a Draw-2 card over another Draw-2 card, reports The Indian Express. WHAT?

They claimed that if someone played +2, the next player must draw 2 cards and lose a turn even if they have a +2 card.

And people online weren’t having it! Many asked UNO to take a backseat and let them play their way. After all, “our house, our rules”!

In the past, UNO made a similar claim where they tweeted that we can’t stack Draw 4 cards and players lost it.

Dear UNO, thanks for making the cards. Now let us make the rules!

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