Indian Men Share Personal Stories On Being Asked If It’s Hard For Unmarried Men To Survive

Love or arranged? Marriage or no marriage at all? These are some of the questions that cross our minds once we cross the marriageable age and people start pestering us with statements like ‘ab toh tera he number hai!’ Questions like ‘will we get a partner post 30?’ also stress us.

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Among these FAQs, some are also concerned about whether their life will be difficult or not if they decide to stay partner-free in India. A Reddit user also had this query, hence, the user decided to ask Indian unmarried men if they struggle to survive in India or not.

Indian men who never got married, do you struggle to survive in India? from india

The question popped up when the user saw their parents living in a loveless marriage.

Both my parents got a divorce first then they married each other. Their marriage is really ugly. My dad being a boomer is virtually unaffected, but I have seen how bad it is for my mom. I don’t want to get married. I have seen how painful it is to be in a loveless marriage. What happens if I don’t get married? Will I be able to survive in India?

The user was even intimated by the horror stories people told him.

People keep telling me these horror stories:

Maids won’t work in your house if you are of a certain age and don’t have a wife.

No one will be around to take care of you if you break a leg or something.

You will be basically ostracized from society. No one will invite you to their marriage or any social gathering.

Old age will be extremely painful as you will have no kids to look after you(I mean, you could have kids and they might not look after you too).

I don’t know if tarkari/kirana people will stop selling shit to you too. But I don’t know how badly you get ostracized from society for not marrying.

Again, all of this might not happen to me in 2040 or 2050.

I mean you know. All of these things could still happen to you if your wife leaves you or she dies or something. Plus if she divorces you, you lose half of your property.

What is people’s opinion on this topic? My parents being Ex-Divorcees are not forcing me to get married.

Some said that the user’s concern is genuine.

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Not just men, unmarried women also shared how it’s going for them.

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Some also gave advice.

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‘No struggles’.

Whatever you choose, just make sure you don’t do it because of peer or societal pressure or FOMO. Take your call, plan and you’ll be fine.

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