University Of Mysore Prohibits Movement Of Female Students After 6.30 PM, Sparks Outrage

The horrifying news of the gang-rape of a 22-year-old student in Mysuru’s Chamundi foothills has left citizens shocked. This was followed by a few Karnataka ministers victim-blaming the woman which sparked nationwide outrage.

Adding to this, the University of Mysore has issued a circular prohibiting the movement of female students within the campus after 6.30 PM, reports TOI. However, no restrictions have been placed on male students.

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Female students were also barred from entering the Kukkarahalli Lake premises, which spans over 250-acres with thick vegetation. Further, extra security personnel has been allotted who would patrol the campus between 6 PM and 9 PM every day.

According to ABP, the circular also bans female students from sitting anywhere inside the campus after 6.30 The Vice-Chancellor of the university said that the guidelines have been issued keeping in mind the “safety” of female students.

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The university’s decision has been widely criticized, both by female students of the institution and people online.

According to TNIE, a female research scholar from the Department of Environmental Sciences said, “As research scholars, we can’t work in a time-bound manner. Now, we have to stop research work, like referring to books in the library, by 6.30 PM as per the circular. The varsity should have taken students into confidence and sought their opinion before issuing the circular.”

Another student said, “We talk about women empowerment, equality…but the circular is only for women.”

Have a look at the circular here:

Here’s how some people online responded to the restrictions:

Is it fair for female students to have restrictions imposed on them when male students don’t?

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