The Universe Is Constantly In Conversation With You. Are You Paying Attention?

Humans are the only species capable of thought and language, amongst many other things. These unique characteristics have led us on a quest to understand the working of this cosmic universe. While we have made a drastic amount of progress and discovered an awful lot of nature’s wonders and unexplainable phenomena, there are still some things which are beyond our understanding.

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The first time I experienced a ‘déja vu’ phenomenon, I swear I thought I had psychic abilities. Of course, I was a child back then and I didn’t even know the existence of words like parapsychology, pseudosciences and cognition, let alone know what they meant. I was simply a young girl who read a little too much for her age. Add the fact that I was born into the Harry Potter fandom, reading about a secret magic world with witches and wizards just added to my beliefs.

I came across a theory back then, which suggested that humans are capable of seeing the future. But because we are constantly preoccupied with other things in our consciousness and also because of the chaos that controls our mind, we lack clear foresight.

Now, let me emphasize the fact that I used to read a lot of books. So whether this theory was an actual scientific theory or a figment of someone’s wild imagination, I do not remember. But this information stayed with me and took deep roots in my malleable mind.

Ever since then, I believed that this universe is constantly in conversation with us humans. You know they say ‘a sign from the universe’? I strongly believe in that. The universe tries to tell us what to do, or what’s in store for us, or what is to befall us in near future. But we generally tend to ignore it,  mostly because we fail to see it as the sign it’s supposed to be. And when we ignore all the warning signs for too long, it has to give us a rude wake-up call.


Several months ago, I met with a road accident. My auto-rickshaw ran into a big car, on an empty road, on a rainy day and toppled over. I was on a call with my best friend and in those split seconds between what I could see happening in front of me and the crash itself, there were a million thoughts that crossed my mind.

“Is this is how it ends? I want to talk to mom! I’m too young to die. I should have told him how I felt!  This can’t be happening!  What About my book? Did i do enough in this lifetime? what would i do differently? Who will call my parents? Will I make it Out Alive?”

These were just some of the thoughts that raced through my head. By God’s grace, I got out of it majorly unhurt. Some good Samaritans rushed to my rescue and fortunately, the accident took place near a hospital.

It was then, in that moment, that I realized what was important in life. It seemed to me that this accident was the universe’s way of shaking me back to my senses.

The illuminated road I saw, that was my path. The sound of glass shattering was my alarm. The thoughts in my head were answers to the purpose of life.

All the worries in my head, all the things I thought were big problems of my life, it all dissipated in an instant. It seemed so trivial and minuscule in front of the bigger picture. And THAT is what I’m trying to get at – with all the chaos surrounding us, we are losing sight of the bigger picture. If we focus on what matters, rather than the things which are unimportant, our lives would be so much more fulfilling than what it is.

Paulo Coelho in his book ‘The Alchemist’ said,

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

The times when it seems that the universe is conspiring against you, it only means it is preparing you for better things or saving you from bad ones. Either way, the universe is here for us; it is always helping us achieve what we want, what we deserve and what’s in store for us.

The universe is in conversation with you. Pay attention to it. Tune out the chaos and let yourself be engulfed in a cosmic trust fall and wait for the magic to unravel. You will be surprised with what this universe brings to you.

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