Watch “United Kingdom’s Daughters”, An Indian Man’s Response To The BBC Documentary

BBC released India’s Daughter – the documentary that was based on the horrific rape of Nirbhaya, a medical student in Delhi after more than 3 years of the incident. The documentary needless to say was criticized by many for being too crude in its ways, and appreciated by many for finally bringing out the truth.

And then there were those of us, who saw the bigger picture. That the documentary was not about glorifying the rapist or bringing out the real story of the incident – it was about making us aware that these horrendous violations against humans and their right to freedom happens everywhere in the world.

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Harvinder Singh‘s documentary – United Kingdom’s daughter is a reply to the Nirbhaya documentary where he points put that it is ironical for BBC to launch India’s Daughter documentary when Britain itself is 5th on the list of countries where maximum rapes happen in the world.

“A daughter is a daughter, she is not Indian or British & we have the same pain as the British people.”

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