After Assaulting Asian Man, United Airlines CEO Calls Victim ‘Disruptive’ In A Leaked Mail

It’s not every day you see things that shake your fundamental belief in humanity and its existence. However, the world we live in seems to be in a constant effort of proving the aforementioned wrong. Proving that maybe we lost touch with humanity, with the human that once lived within us.

The recent heckle onboard a United Airlines plane, United Express Flight 3411 is why I say all that I just did. While you were sleeping, a video of a passenger being dragged brutally surfaced and now it has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

Let me explain it to you with a timeline. 

An Asian man was manhandled in a United Airlines flight and was literally dragged off from the plane because the plane was ‘overbooked’. The entire hue and cry was shot by co-passengers who later shared it on Twitter.

The flight was headed from Chicago to Louisville in the US. Many commuters vouched that the airlines offered monetary compensation ($1,000) and a hotel accommodation and were looking for one volunteer to take another flight to Louisville the following day.


Another video of the victim surfaced with a bloodied face,


And it has attracted a lot of backslash for the international carrier. 

1. People are boycotting United Airlines


2. We are late for school, aren’t we?




4. No, ma’am!


5. We sure do!


Meanwhile, United Airlines issued a statement and it is an excuse for an apology.


That isn’t it. Another team email penned by Oscar Munoz, United CEO, has found its way to the interweb and the words used are even more problematic. 

united airlines

united airlines

United airlines

“disruptive and belligerent.” 

Is this how we deal with an unfortunate incident of this gravity? By calling the victim names? By defending on staff? Is this really 2017? I have my doubts about it. And about a lot harmony existing at all!

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News Source: Indian Express