10 ‘Easy-Peasy’ Ways To Celebrate The True Spirit Of Independence Day 2019!

Everyone has their own way of celebrating our Independence Day. Some of us who live in the capital may head to India Gate, attend the Independence Day parade. While others may catch the news, listen to speeches by our PM or even snuggle up for a fam jam sesh of movies that have us brimming with patriotic spirit and tearing up.

Cue music- ‘Mere desh ki dharti sona ugle..’

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But the one thing that is common nationwide is that the 15th of August each year is celebrated with much pomp and enthusiasm to commemorate the valour of those who fought relentlessly to afford us the freedoms we enjoy today.

You may celebrate the day by heading to historic monuments, helping kids dress up as their favourite freedom fighter. Or perhaps you choose to sing patriotic songs or hosting a smashing feast in the honour of the national holiday! Erm..some of us may even unabashedly take the day to snooze and forage for snacks before taking yet another much-needed bout of slumber.

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While these are all admirable ways to spend the day, here are 10 small ways you can actually live our freedom and enjoy the true spirit of Independence to capture the essence of the day.

1. Wear tricolour hues in your own style and own it!

Every year, hundreds of paper and plastic tricolour flags are seen littering the streets. This year, #SayNoToPlastic and save paper!

2. Volunteer your time, not money

August 15 is a public holiday so why not put this time to use and spread some smiles?

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3.  Skip denim and go for Khadi! Rock that desi swag.

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4. Whether in India or abroad, don’t indulge in activities that’ll hamper the country’s pride

When we visit the old monuments, we often see random names scribbled of the walls or tobacco spit ruining the beauty of the place. That’s the sight everyone hates right? Let’s keep the beauty of such places intact. Also, remember the family that stole hotel supplies in Bali? A big no! Avoid stealing both nationally and internationally!

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5. Hit up your grandparents or that chatty old uncle in your neighbourhood. Ask them to share their stories of the good old days.

The sagas of valour might inspire you, just as the trials of our ancestors may make you feel just a bit more grateful for the freedoms we have today.

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6. Seek freedom from your junk food diet and embrace organic fruits and veggies.

Skip that holiday visit to the supermart and head to the local sabziwala. The fresh produce will save you a pretty penny and also help you look better and feel better!

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7. Freedom is all about respecting choices others make

You do you and skip the judgement this Independence day! Give conscious effort to not objectify women and give everyone the space to live life on their own terms. To each their own.

8. Thank people easily and often!

We often ignore our maids who toil to clean our house, the cops who keep us safe, the delivery guys who bring us parcels and food. Just a thank you and a smile will make their day. That’s not much to do, is it?

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9. Plant a backyard garden or maybe just a single flowering sapling

Trees are the most important things that society desperately needs now.

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10. Fly a kite with your loved ones

Feel the rush of the fresh air and the wind beneath the kite and take a moment to truly enjoy the freedom that so many gave their lives to achieve.

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We hope this list helps you greatly enjoy our simple freedoms.

Happy Independence Day.

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