“I’ll Give You 2 Slaps”: Union Minister To Covid Patient’s Son Seeking Oxygen Cylinder

If you have been following the news, you would know that much of the Indian Healthcare System is in shambles. It has fallen terribly short of providing Covid-19 patients, the number of which is surging by the hour, with the necessary means to battle the virus. Oxygen cylinders, ventilators, hospital beds, medicines, vaccines, etc. have all fallen short. Desperate cries of help are dominating social media timelines. To say it is heartbreaking to witness it all will be an understatement.

Speaking of people seeking help, a man in Madhya Pradesh whose mother was admitted to the hospital was helplessly trying to search for a oxygen cylinder. Union Minister of State for Culture, Tourism of India, Prahlad Patel visited that very hospital, District Hospital Damoh, and happened to meet the man, reports News18.

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In a video, the man can be seen asking for help and complaining against the hospital authorities for the lack of oxygen cylinders. He supposedly uses certain expletives while addressing the hospital after which the Minister loses his calm and goes on to threaten to slap the man.

“If you talk like this, I’ll give you two slaps,” the Union Minister tells the man.

According to Times Now, the man faced harassment for 36 hours while trying to find oxygen cylinders. Responding to the Union Minister, the helpless man said that he’s willing to get beaten up but he wants oxygen for his mother.

Here’s a video capturing the entire incident:

The Union Minister’s reaction sparked massive outrage online. Many people accused him of a “sheer lack of empathy”, of being “arrogant”, and said that his behavior is unbecoming of a leader. Have a look at some of the reactions here:

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