People Share Warning Signs Of ‘Unhealthy’ Friendships And The Best Time To ‘Break Up’

All rules have exceptions. And all friendships aren’t necessarily healthy. Sometimes, these supportive and beautiful relationships can become toxic if there is constant criticism, passive-aggressive comments, jealousy, or even grudges between friends.

But how do we get to know when this happens? What is the best time to ‘break up’ and move on? People on Reddit recently shared their thoughts and personal experiences and it makes for an interesting read.

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1. The friendship has become one-sided

2. The friendship is mentally exhausting

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3. When they fail to celebrate your successes or try to bring you down

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4. When they are rude, judgemental, condescending, or petty

5. Being manipulative

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6. If they try to monopolize your time

Good friends are hard to find and even harder to keep. Let’s keep these warning signs in mind but also check up on our real friends today and appreciate them for being there for us in these crazy times.

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