Woman Says Couples Should Remain In An Unhappy Marriage For The Kids, Desis Argue Against It

So many couples are trapped in unhappy marriages for the sake of their children and their families. Especially women, who have been conditioned to believe that their primary responsibility is the happiness of their family that they end up sticking through even abusive marriages.

One woman took to Twitter to share her thoughts on divorce. She claimed that it is wrong for the kids to see their parents getting divorced and that couples should stick it out for the sake of their children.

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There were people who thought alike and suggested that divorce is “selfish”.

However, people who have actually lived with parents who were unhappy in their marriage shared their ordeal.

Many claimed that they grew up with emotional issues after watching their parents fight frequently.

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Some expressed that it is psychologically damaging and traumatising to see their parents suffer.

Instead of living together in an unhappy marriage and family, isn’t it better to stay happily separate?

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