Jammu & Kashmir Looks Like Winter Wonderland Once Again After Receiving Unexpected Snowfall


With each passing day, the temperature is rising and it honestly feels like I’m going to melt quite literally. (If not me, at least my fat should melt, plis!)

But anywho, while we get sunburnt in this scorching heat, Jammu & Kashmir received unexpected snowfall on Friday, April 20th.

Tourists (because summer vacation, you know) and locals alike, shared pictures of the winter wonderland of India and we’re absolutely loving it.

1. You would think this is filtered/tampered/photoshopped. But it’s not.

2. Valleys or mountains, snow makes everything look prettier.

3. Looks like the mountains are calling to the snow queen in me.

4. No need to guess, fellas, it’s our very beautiful Kashmir.

5. Leaving footprints wherever you go is much easier in the snow. (That rhymed! ?)


6. Tourists are definitely in for a pleasant surprise.

7. Unparalleled beauty… ❤

8. But look at that white stretch of snow! ?

9. Straight outta movies, this sight.

10. Do you want to build a snowman? Yes, I do!


The surprising winter wave and snowfall caused a lot of roads to be shut and traffic situation became worse. But you simply can’t deny the beauty that this Indian state is.

I’ve had the privilege to visit Kashmir once in my life so far. Unfortunately, we had to hike up to the top of Gulmarg to get some snow. Nonetheless, it was the prettiest sight I have ever witnessed. So I can only imagine how amazing and beautiful it must be now and these pictures are proof of that.

After all, there’s a reason why it’s called ‘Paradise on earth’, right?

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