India’s First Underwater Restaurant In Ahmedabad Shuts Down After Just 2 Days

Few days ago, we told you about India getting its first underwater restaurant in Ahmedabad. Well, for all people who didn’t get a chance to pay a visit here, we have some bad news.

The underwater restaurant “Real Poseidon”, has been shut down just a day after its operation.

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Located in South Bopal, the restaurant has been officially sealed by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) because it didn’t have mandatory building operations.

It’s reported that the restaurant had begun its operations without the compulsory development permission from the civic authority.

Devang Desai, deputy municipal commissioner of AMC claimed this:

The restaurant will be issued a notice and we will seal it on Thursday because it has not sought the mandatory development permission under the town planning rules. The seal will remain in place until it seeks the necessary approvals needed under town planning rules. We will not allow it to operate otherwise.


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Ironically, Bharat Bhatt, the 50-year-old Ahmedabad-based businessman, who runs this restaurant denies all the accusations.

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He remarked that he has already taken permission from the health department, fire department and also the AMC.

Although, even the Ahmedabad Fire and Emergency Services echoes the same thoughts as Devang Desai. MF Dastur, the Chief Fire Officer, told that he came to know about the restaurant via media reports and no such permission has been sought after.


It was also reported that the restaurant witnessed leaks in the aquarium.

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Nevertheless, Bharat Bhatt denied this allegation again. This is what he had to say:
There were two problems. There was a problem with the circulation that made the water inside the aquarium sandy making it difficult for the fishes to be seen. Besides, there was an unexpected rush of people and calls for bookings throughout the day.

As of now, we are not sure about the veracity of the allegations but let’s hope that the restaurant begins functioning again.

Let’s see what turns out.

News Source: The Times Of India
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