Undercover Cop Poses As Bride To Arrest Wanted Criminal In Madhya Pradesh

In what seems to be a plot right out of a Bollywood thriller, a woman cop posed as a beaming bride to nab a dreaded murder fugitive in Madhya Pradesh.

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Sub-inspector Madhvi Agnihotri arrested Balkishan Chaubey, a hardcore criminal wanted in more than 15 different criminal cases including murder, by laying a trap of fake marriage, reports Hindustan Times. He somehow always managed to slip away from the cops in Chhatarpur.

However, this time the police were well prepared for him. They knew that he was looking for a woman to marry and that is when the plotting began. Madhvi was quoted by TOI saying, “I started talking to him as ‘Radha Lodhi’. I told him I am from Chhattarpur and worked as a laborer in Delhi. I mentioned that I was visiting my village.”

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Chaubey, who is carrying a reward of Rs 10,000 on his head for killing a man, took the bait and proposed to marry her. Agnihotri hooked the gangster over three days of phone conversation and reeled him in for the trap set up at a temple. He desired to meet once before their supposed marriage unknowing of what was about to come.

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On the day of the meet, armed policemen dressed in civilian clothes surrounded the temple and took up positions. The moment Chaubey arrived they pounced on him. The armed man was completely taken by surprise.

Chaubey was produced before the court on Friday and sent to jail. We respect and admire this Bollywood tale coming to life, thanks to the smartness of MP police.

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