3 Uncles Of Rajasthan Bride Give Her ₹3 Crore Worth ‘Mayra’ Including ₹81 Lakh Cash

Mayra or Mamera is a crucial aspect of Marwari weddings. According to this tradition, the bride or groom’s maternal uncles give them gifts before their marriage. These gifts include things like money, land, a car or jewellery.

But three maternal uncles of a bride in Rajasthan’s Nagaur went a little overboard and gifted her gifts worth a total of Rs 3.21 crore.

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According to reports, the incident happened in a village named Burdi. The family belongs to a farmer named Bhawarlal Garhwa. He has three sons – Harendra, Rameshwar, and Rajender. He also has a daughter named Ghewri. The wedding was of Ghewri’s daughter Anushka.

The 3 uncles gifted their niece and bride-to-be Rs 81 lakh cash, jewellery worth Rs 23 lakh, a tractor and 16.5 bigha land.

Visuals of the stacks of cash that were given during pre-wedding festivities were shared on Twitter.

In an interview, Bhawarlal Garhwa said that the birth of a girl child is a gift from god and that the tradition of Mayra has been going on for generations.

“I have three sons and a daughter and it was after my approval that my sons gave mayra for their sister’s happiness,” he said.

What an extravagant affair!

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