Here’s The True Story Behind The UN Video That Confirms A Pyramid Shaped UFO Over The Pentagon

Aliens and extraterrestrial beings have always fascinated us. Every once in a while there are mysterious sightings that fuel our imaginations and lead us to believe that such creatures do in fact exist. But most often than not, these instances turn out to be false alarms. Case in point, the Pune resident who thought he saw alien activity turned out to have a mental illness and the blue flashes of light in New York City were actually from a transformer explosion.

Similarly, a video has been going around on the internet that claims to have been captured via a hidden camera. The alleged video is said to be of a UN closed meeting where NASA confirms the appearance of an extraterrestrial pyramid-shaped metal object over the Pentagon.

The woman in the video, Aliya Prokofyeva, is a real person. However, the video itself is not. She has been superimposed using CGI onto footage of the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, addressing a UN General Assembly meeting.

The origin of all the speculation and conspiracy theories is this video taken in December 2018 that suggests a UFO sighting in the States.

Some people are saying it might have been a reflection of something inside the vehicle while others say it was an art project that was filmed. Whether the pyramid-shaped object in this video is real or fake has not been determined yet but the UN video announcing extraterrestrial contact is definitely a hoax. Guess we’re still not any closer to spotting creatures from outer space than we were before.

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